Still from They Exist. Courtesy of Esteban Insausti.

A Workshop with Cuban Filmmakers Esteban Insausti and Angélica Salvador

Thursday, April 7th
5:00 PM
Haskell Hall 315
University of Chicago

Cuban director Esteban Insausti and his editor and collaborator Angélica Salvador present the independent documentary shorts, Las manos y el angel (The Hands and the Angel) and Existen (They Exist).

Insausti made the independent short, The Hands and the Angel, using cameras borrowed from friends and colleagues. The end result is a beautiful homage to Cuban jazz musician, Emiliano Salvador. Merging six different video and sound formats with archival footage, the short’s stunning experimental language provides the visual expression of Salvador’s avantgarde music.

(Esteban Insausti, 2002, mixed video, 27 min.)

In They Exist, Insausti interviews Havana residents considered crazy by most, weaving their moments of lucidity and insight into a moving meditation on contemporary Cuba. This independent documentary combines footage shot on Hi8, Betacam, and mini-DV with 35 mm archival footage.

(Esteban Insausti, 2005, mixed video and mini-DV, 27 min.)

This event is co-coordinated with the Caribbean Studies, Latin American History, Mass Culture, and New Media Workshops.