Still from Long Distance. Courtesy of Esteban Insausti.

Special Director’s Preview and Evening with Cuban Film Actress Annia Bu Maure
Friday, February 25th
7:00 pm
Film Studies Center
University of Chicago

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Introduction by Laura-Zoë Humphreys, Ph.D. candidate, Departments of Cinema & Media Studies and Anthropology.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba entered a long economic crisis designated the “Special Period in Times of Peace” by Fidel Castro. Cubans, especially youth, left the country in vast numbers for the United States and other nations.

Esteban Insausti’s first feature, Larga Distancia (Long Distance), explores the emotional impact of this mass exodus on his generation. Based on Insausti’s own experience, Long Distance tells the story of a woman who on her 35th birthday finds that she has lost all of her friends to this crisis. To console herself, she spends an evening reinventing the best of her past life and friendships.

With Long Distance, Insausti takes the skills and techniques he learned through independent filmmaking back into work at the state film institute. Using an affordable HD P2 camera and a minimal budget, Long Distance takes part in Cuba’s return to nationally funded cinema after a long period of dependence on foreign co-productions.

(Esteban Insausti, 2010, HD, 90 min.)